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AnyGlove For Leather Formula (15ml)

AnyGlove For Leather Formula (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on May 2, 2013):
EDIT on 5/13/13:
After reading my review (below) Anyglove's customer Service sent me a bottle of their updated version of Anyglove (now labelled For Leather), asking me to try it. First off, the new version seems to be a lot thicker, more viscous than the earlier version. Secondly it now works, and works very well. Although it's more expensive than sewing metallic thread into the gloves, it's a lot easier and quicker to do, and is less unsightly.

I just emailed their CS to thank them and provide feedback on the new version:

"Tried the new (and thicker) Anyglove that you kindly sent me.. A dramatic improvement!

After trying the first bottle of Anyglove unsuccessfully I'd bought and sewn metallic thread into a couple of pairs of gloves, which though painful to do, works fine. I'd held off from sewing it into a pair of Firstgear mesh gloves as the leather on their palms is really tough to get a needle through. Incidentally, they were one of the pairs that Anyglove 1.0 had failed totally with, by the way.

Well, nothing to lose, I gave the FG gloves a nice thick coating on the forefinger and thumb, rubbed my thumb and forefinger lightly together to work the coating into the leather, added a bit more Anyglove for luck, and then blow dried them. A couple of minutes with the dryer seemed to be enough, and hey, they work perfectly! Essentially 1 to 1 1/2 coatings only were needed."

So many thanks to their CS for reading the reviews and responding to customer feedback.

Does do what they say, but of the three pairs of gloves that I attempted to use it with, one pair didn't work at all, one pair barely worked, and one pair worked adequately.
The instructions emphasize the need to use generous amounts to ensure full penetration. I did this on all three pairs of gloves, basically using the whole bottle in the process. I could feel it on my finger and thumb inside the glove, so I know it was getting through! I also applied it multiple times to each pair of gloves, and dried each coating with a hair dryer.
In the end, one pair of gloves failed, I suspect because the gloves' material was a synthetic that didn't allow enough of the Anyglove to soak through. The second pair (definitely leather) worked (barely) after three coatings, but not well. I suspect the problem with that pair is that the gloves' fingers aren't very tight to my fingers, reducing the conductivity. The third pair also needed three coatings to work, and they work adequately, but not great. Many finger and thumb gestures on my phone require several attempts to register on the phone.
Conclusion: store bought touch screen compatible gloves are going to work a lot better provided you can find gloves that suit their intended usage.

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With AnyGlove you decide which gloves you want to use with your touchscreen – one pair or many, its up to you and its inexpensive compared to buying multiple pairs of touchscreen gloves. And if your AnyGlove treated gloves stop working with your touchscreen, just reapply AnyGlove and your back in more

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