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AnyGlove For Leather Formula (15ml)

AnyGlove For Leather Formula (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on August 13, 2013):
this might be the best product ever. i see some reviews that this stuff is no good. they must not be using it correctly. use as directed and you cant go wrong. i can finally wear all my favorite gloves again. used on astars, icon and others. used on the thumb and fore finger of 6 pairs of gloves and still some left in the bottle. so far after a couple weeks of regular use it still works great. only apply to the area of your fingers that actually touch the screen or you are just wasting it. it is a black liquid so if your gloves are any other color they will be black. i didn't care applied it my white Astars anyway. it says you need to reapply every couple months so i bought a couple bottles as back up.
* edit 8/16/13 I noticed a few people mention screensavers. I just wanted to point out I have a MiniGuard High Definition Screen Protector on a Samsung Galaxy Note with Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon Gloves. I also noticed people say Any Glove was overpriced. 2 pairs of Astars and 1 pair of Segura gloves cost well over $200. Lets just say I had to reapply it every month (which I wont) a $20 bottle would last over a year. That is well worth the investment so I can wear my favorite gloves again.I would gladly put my treated gloves in a head to head test with my Icon pursuit touchscreen gloves.*

About AnyGlove™

With AnyGlove you decide which gloves you want to use with your touchscreen – one pair or many, its up to you and its inexpensive compared to buying multiple pairs of touchscreen gloves. And if your AnyGlove treated gloves stop working with your touchscreen, just reapply AnyGlove and your back in more

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