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AnyGlove For Leather Formula (15ml)

AnyGlove For Leather Formula (15ml)

Product Review (submitted on September 15, 2013):
This product just simply works. I have used it on three pairs of my leather motorcycle gloves, and I am extremely satisfied with it. Just follow the instruction and dry it with a hairdryer after it's applied to the gloves. You will be happy! If it is not working for you, just put more on and repeat the process.

I have recommended this to my father-in-law who is a volunteer ski patrol with Nation Ski Patrol so he can let his buddies know about this product. They can turn all of their existing gloves into touch-screen compatible gloves.

About AnyGlove™

With AnyGlove you decide which gloves you want to use with your touchscreen – one pair or many, its up to you and its inexpensive compared to buying multiple pairs of touchscreen gloves. And if your AnyGlove treated gloves stop working with your touchscreen, just reapply AnyGlove and your back in more

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